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Water Filters

Flint City Hall:

Filters  and water testing kits are available in the lobby of Flint City Hall. Residents are able to retrieve 2 test kits per calendar year. Residents may call the City of Flint Monday – Friday (10:00am – 2:00pm) at 810.766.7106 for information. 


Help Centers:

Community organizations have established three help centers that are open to all residents. Click HERE for more information on the Help Centers.


When the light on your filter is YELLOW (yellow) , it is time to change the cartridge. If the light is RED, the cartridge is no longer working. If you are unable to see the light, change your cartridge once a month.  See installation tabs below for details.


The EPA, State of Michigan and City of Flint all say the NSF-53 certified filters are safe for filtering out lead below 150 parts per billion and other minerals. These minerals and chemicals can be found on the manufacture box. EPA’s data also shows that the filters are working at higher levels above 150ppb.

Caution – Some experts say while the filter may filter out 99% of the lead, we aren’t sure what else is in the water – chemicals, bacteria, etc. These individuals would say until further testing is complete people should use bottled water. The Genesee County Medical Society recommends those people who are most at risk for the negative effects of lead on the brain – Children less than 6 years old and pregnant women (for the fetus) – remain on bottled water until the water is tested if it has not been tested since the beginning of this June (2016). They further state, people who are in the high-risk groups for legionella should continue using only bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth, and should continue to follow the other guidelines to reduce legionella risk, because of the risk of aspiration.

Everyone agrees that:

  • Bottled water should be used until you’ve had your water tested.
  • Filters should be maintained and changed as per the individual instructions.
  • Filters should not be used more than 3 months under any circumstances.
  • Aerators on any taps used for drinking, cooking or brushing teeth should be checked regularly to remove any metal bits that may have been caught.

Per the manufacturers:  If hot water is run through the cartridges, it will not be adequately filtered and in some cases may actually reverse the chemical absorption and adsorption processes, releasing contaminants back into the water.  Use only Cold or Cool water when operating the filters.  If you happen to accidentally run hot water through the system, simply run cold water through the unit for 2 minutes to flush out the hot water.  With regard to whole house systems, you will still get clean filtered hot water because the cold water line of your home will connect to the filter system, get filtered first and then will go to the hot water heater to be heated.

Habitat for Humanity is currently offering shower filters for Flint residents. While they don’t filter out lead, they do filter chemicals that can cause skin irritations like chlorine.

Since its unclear what is in the water and what specifically is causing the skin reactions, we don’t know which, if any, are effective.

Aerators should be cleaned weekly

Contact the City of Flint Water Department at  810-787-6537

Pur Water Filter Installation Video
Brita Water Filter Replacement Video

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