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Many residents have experienced dry skin, rashes, breakouts, hair loss and other skin reactions throughout this water crisis. The state launched a rash investigation with the EPA and CDC to explore these concerns through various water testing and clinical evaluations. The CDC have found no medical link between the current water source and these reactions. Residents with rashes are encouraged to contact their doctor. Below is a flier with more details on the CDC findings. You can print the document by clicking here:Rash Study Overview

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flint-rash-study-ENG_Page_1flint-rash-study-ENG_Page_2flint-rash-study-ENG_Page_3You can find the full report by clicking here.


Currently no governmental body – city, county, state, federal – are providing shower filters. Occasionally some churches and nonprofit groups have done shower filter distribution.

Since its unclear what is in the water and what specifically is causing the skin reactions, we don’t know which, if any, are effective.

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