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Click HERE for a summary of the settlement agreement from the most recent court case – Concerned Pastors For Social Acation v. Khouri

Speaker: General McDaniel, City of Flint

Topic: Flint Fast Start (pipe replacement program)

Presentation: FWTH_City of Flint_Fast Start_McDaniel

Speaker: JoLisa McDay, Water Plant Supervisor, City of Flint

Topic: Flint Water Treatment Plant

Presentation:FWTH_City of Flint_McDay

Speaker: Multiple persons

Topic: Community Outreach and Resident Education (CORE)

Presentation:FWTH_CORE Program

Speaker: Bryce Feighner, Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance Division Director, MDEQ

Topic: Flint Water Quality Parameters – MDEQ

Presentation: FWTH_MDEQ_Feighner

Speaker: George Krisztian, Flint Action Plan Coordinator and Laboratory Director, MDEQ

Topic: Lead Data in Flint

Presentation: FWTH_MDEQ_Krisztian

Speaker: Miguel Del Toral, Region 5 Regulation Manager EPA,  and  Mark Durno, Homeland Security Advisor / Deputy Chief Emergency Response Branch EPA

Topic: EPA Data Summary

Presentation: FWTH_USEPA_Durno_Del Toral

Speaker: Dr. Mark Edwards, Charles Lunsford Professor with the Virginia Tech Charles E. Via Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Topic: Virginia Tech data review

Presentation: FWTH_VT_Edwards

Speaker: Dr. Sean McElmurry, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Wayne State University and Dr. Nancy Love, Borchardt and Glysson Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan

Topic: Wayne State University and University of Michigan Data Review

Presentation: FWTH_WSU_UM_McElmurry_Love

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